Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Holy Tomb is Empty

The Holy Tomb is empty
Christ now lives in you!
Be the living vessel for the Risen Lord
And fill the world with Love so true.

Be the channel of Hope that Easter brings.
Be the Light in a world of darkness.
Let your Joy keep streaming
Into lives devoid of Him.

May you receive in abundance
The blessings of the Risen Christ!
Like the flowing Sea of Galilee
The more you share
The more Grace comes!


menchu rose said...

Hi, Tita Grace! Very lovely poem of the Easter! It is so true, the more we give and share, the more grace and blessing comes. Keep on writing po...Godbless

mgrp said...

Hi Menchu my dear.
I saw your comment only now when I thought of visiting my blog almost a year after my last post.
It's almost Easter again...2011.
I'm very glad you like the Easter greetings. You inspire me.